Live a Life Full of Joy With These 8 Journal Prompts

When we want to improve our lives, there are many resources out there for us. There are many self-help books, tons of experts in this field who can be tapped into at any time with an e-mail or phone call, and even just the challenge of going through your day and intentionally being mindful can significantly affect your growth. But the most important resource is you.

Why Choose Journal Prompts?

It can be challenging to choose what to write about when it is just you, the white pages of a new journal, and the silence of your bedroom. Journal prompts are a great way to get your writing momentum going if this is happening right now. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite prompts we love to help organize our thoughts and give us a chance for self-care! Get a new journal and your favorite pen, and get writing!

What Are Eight Things You're Grateful For In Your Life?

With this prompt, you can express gratitude and the things in your life you might take for granted. Have you ever had a week that felt like EVERYTHING went wrong? There are likely more things than you think that went right. This prompt helps you re-center and discover the little joys in life. 

The Day I Felt The Most Vulnerable

Vulnerability is risk, uncertainty, and emotional openness that accompanies living life and loving people. It's sometimes scary and usually uncomfortable but will provide some of the most influential moments in your life. With this prompt, focus not only on this moment but how it changed you for the better. For more inspo, check out Brene Brown's Ted talk about vulnerability

My Happy Place

Where do you feel the most at peace –an art studio, the beach or lake, or in your pantry eating chocolate so your kiddos won't ask for a piece? Use this prompt to take yourself to the place that gives you those happy feelings. 

What Are My Fears?

We all have fears. We tuck some fears inside our hearts, and others stay front and center in our lives. This prompt will help you work through some of your worries. By writing them down, your fears may seem a little less scary.

Who Inspires Me The Most?

A spark of inspiration can get you through a rough week. This prompt calls back to the person, place, or thing that fills you with the most inspiration.  

What Strength Do I Possess?

Ladies, we collectively have a bad habit of being far too hard on ourselves. Instead of focusing on our weaknesses, this prompt will help you get in touch with your strengths. List out as many as you can each time you use this prompt. It will give you a chance to look back when you're feeling down and get an instant boost!

Future Me?  Draw a Picture And Describe Your Future.

There are many benefits to drawing a picture or outlining your future timeline. For example, it can give you hope for the future, show that anything is possible no matter how bad things are now, and, finally, reveal that even something long-term may not be as daunting as you think.

Brain Dump!

When your brain is busy, the best thing to do is clean it out. How do you do that? The classic brain dump! Use your journal as a spot to unload everything you've been thinking about to clear your brain. This is a great prompt for a pre-sleep ritual to help you fall asleep without a care in the world. Sweet dreams!

Journaling for Self Care

It may seem like a small task, but the process of taking pen to paper and intentionally focusing on your thoughts is self-care!  You don't have to wait for a lot of space or a startling revelation to have time for yourself. 

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