Meet #EACgirl Casey Vanek!

Casey Vanek, a former fashion model and current taproom manager at Milk & Honey Ciders in St. Joseph, is the genius behind the ever popular flower farm, Hey, Bud!

Since launching her business earlier this year, she has quickly built a solid reputation for growing and cultivating exquisite flora for her customers. Known for her eye-catching and impressive flower bars at local businesses, Hey, Bud! has become a favorite in the St. Cloud area.

Casey was first introduced to E and Co. Clothing two years ago, when owner Elicia set up a pop-up shop at Milk & Honey Ciders. She was instantly impressed by the simple yet chic collection and has remained a loyal customer ever since. 

“Once I realized I was only reaching for the clothes I had gotten from the pop-up, I changed the way I shopped,” Casey said. “Everything Elicia curates for E and Co. works so well with each other and helped me build a wardrobe I love.”

The flower farmer claims she wears at least two to three pieces from E and Co. Clothing every day and describes her style as super casual, but with a hint of edge.

"E and Co. has honestly made my life easier," she said. "When you like the clothes in your closet, you don't ever have to worry about what you're going to wear. I love that everything works so well together, and you can create so many different looks with just a few pieces.” 

Her favorite E and Co. item is the boyfriend tee. She owns seven of them (in different colors) and rotates them throughout the week. “These shirts are so soft and fit me perfectly,” she emphasized. "I like all my pieces to work together without having to think too hard.”

When asked how she styles the boyfriend tee, the former fashion model said that if she's going out, she'll pair the burgundy boyfriend tee with dark jeans, a long necklace and heels. Or, if she’s heading into the field to tend her flowers, she'll throw on the olive version with a pair of overalls.

"Of course I want what I am wearing to look good and be on-trend, but it’s also important that I feel comfortable in it too," Casey said.  

To Casey, EAC takes the stress out of getting dressed. Curating her own capsule wardrobe has allowed Vanek to maximize her time and energy into what she loves – like being a mom or running a business.

When Casey isn’t nurturing her flower fields or managing a team at Milk & Honey Ciders, she can be found hanging out with her family – preferably in front the wood fire stove. 

To learn more about Casey Vanek and her flower farm, Hey, Bud!, find her on Instagram and Facebook, or on

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