Spring Fashion Trends: out with the old, and in with the new

As we come off one of the roughest years in ages, a lot of us are ready to toss those sweatpants and stretched out t-shirts for something a bit more fashionable. Well, not too fashionable; we’re still a bit bruised and battered from a year that wreaked havoc on every aspect of our lives – from our fashion sense to our body shape – so we’re going to go into this year rather gently.


We’re loving that colors have officially been declared as refreshing and joyful – illuminating yellows, bright pinks, beautiful blues, and Ultimate Gray – strong and steady building blocks.  These colors represent hope, unity, and stability, all of which were severely lacking in 2020. 


Joselle Sweater

Comfy and Classic Bottoms

Setting colors aside, spring fashion trends are hoping to coax you out of those yoga pants.  2021 wants you to be both comfortable in your clothes and in yourself.  Instead of hopping around your bedroom trying to pull those skinny jeans up, get yourself a new pair of looser, more forgiving denim.  Top trends range from modern and sleek straight leg jeans (hint: 90’s light wash is back!), to slouchy and loose fitting wide leg jeans.  Boot-cut jeans are also making a comeback.  Dress them up with a heels, or throw on some flip flops for an easy, laid-back look.  We recommend choosing the pants that you feel your best in, and we’re glad spring trends are agreeing with us.

Fun and Flowing Tops

Tops this year are looking to make a statement without making you suck in your tummy all day. Look for looser tops that flow with the winds of change.  Oversized sweaters, boxy blouses and flowy dresses are looking to replace skin tight knits.  Big statement sleeves will make them fun and dramatic without making you uncomfortable.  Also, sheer tops paired with fun crop or bra tops will emerge as a warm weather trend.   Those drab, faded t-shirts and washed out hoodies might have gotten you through the toughest year ever (and that’s okay), but their time is over, and your time is here. Showcasing your style in fun and functional tops will get you through all your days – even the ones that still have endless Zoom meetings. 

Flora Blouse

Shoes That Fit Your Life

And finally, as we walk away from the year that should probably not be spoken of, let’s walk on shoes that are comfortable and cute! This year is already showing off new shoe trends with chunkier soles and heels. We need to look good and not wear shoes that’ll slow us down and keep us from CHASING OUR DREAMS.

Finding Your Spring Style

Discovering your own clothing style this spring should be a personal journey where you look for colors, styles, and patterns that bring you joy along with comfort. We think you’ll find plenty of that here at E and Co. Clothing. Our styles are all about what you love in clothes and how they make you feel when you wear them.

As we leave 2020 behind, we’ve learned we need to not only be kind and gentle with each other, but also with ourselves, so don’t worry about what others are thinking, just make sure it makes YOU happy!

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